Group Insurance

Course Overview

The pupose of this course is to present you with the general overview of group life and health insurance products. Group insurance offers many potential advantages for advisors seeking to develop this market. 

These advantages include:

  • More predicatble income stream
  • Potentially greater income stream
  • Less competition
  • Clients value the product
  • Clients value the advisors expertise
  • Employees value the product
  • Excellent opportunity for cross sales

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, you will better understand:

  • Why you should consider selling group life and health plans,
  • Why this coverage is needed,
  • How contributions and benefits are taxed,
  • Basic group plan features and characteristics,
  • How group plans are enrolled, installed, and serviced.

Price: $99

This Course includes:

   Text-based content

   4 weeks