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Financial Planning Process image

Financial Planning Process

In the past few decades, financial planning has become a way of life for most profess...

Needs Analysis image

Needs Analysis

This course address the essentials of needs-based consultative selling.After comparin...

Interpreting Medical Reports image

Interpreting Medical Reports

Interpreting Medical Reports is designed for insurance personnel whose responsibiliti...

Life Insurance in Action image

Life Insurance in Action

Life Insurance in Action discusses the various ways in which life insurance benefits ...

Group Insurance image

Group Insurance

The pupose of this course is to present you with the general overview of group life a...

Financial Planning Fundamentals image

Financial Planning Fundamentals

Designed for financial advisors and insurance agents, the course provides a solid gro...

Medical Tests and Signs image

Medical Tests and Signs

Medical Tests and Signs is designed for insurance personnel whose responsibilities re...

Long-Term Care image

Long-Term Care

A long-term care insurance policy is most valuable when it’s needed. Do you wan...

Award in Bancassurance image

Award in Bancassurance

The Award in Bancassurance course provides a solid grounding on the relevant core fin...

Retirement Income Strategies image

Retirement Income Strategies

Throughout much of an individual’s working life, money is sent ahead to provide...

Professional Liability Insurance image

Professional Liability Insurance

Commercial general liability(CGL) and businessowners policies cover many of the liabi...

Life Insurance Policy Comparison and Underwriting image

Life Insurance Policy Comparison and Underwriting

Life Insurance plays and important role in the financial security of many families. O...




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