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Agency Operations and Sales Management image

Agency Operations and Sales Management

This course focuses on insurance agency formation and the environment in which produc...

Customer Service for Insurers image

Customer Service for Insurers

Learn to see service from the customers’ view. Here is a definitive study of qualit...

General Insurance Underwriting Fundamentals image

General Insurance Underwriting Fundamentals

This course covers the key categories of risk and the steps involved in managing risk...

Claims Handling Fundamentals image

Claims Handling Fundamentals

This course enables you to understand the fundamentals of claims handling and apply p...

Insurance Fraud Awareness image

Insurance Fraud Awareness

Most people who purchase insurance and those who make insurance claims are honest. Th...

Life Concepts image

Life Concepts

Get a comprehensive look at the life insurance industry. Beginning with basic insuran...

Motor Claims Fundamentals image

Motor Claims Fundamentals

This course enables you to understand and apply principles relating to the investigat...

Risk Management for Insurers image

Risk Management for Insurers

This course introduces you to risk management, and then it takes you step-by-step th...

Claim Evaluation and Settlement image

Claim Evaluation and Settlement

The claim handling process involves three primary elements: ​ investigation, evalua...

Claim Investigation image

Claim Investigation

The claim handling process involves three primary elements: ​ investigation​, ​...

Health Insurance Concepts image

Health Insurance Concepts

This executive course provides a comprehensive look at the health insurance industry....

Marine Claims Management image

Marine Claims Management

This course covers the legal terms and concepts, and explains the process, principles...




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