Insurance Law and Practice

Course Overview

The insurance industry infiltrates nearly every aspect of our personal lives and, for some of us, it influences nearly every aspect of our work.

This program covers the essentials of insurance and insurance law for those working in the insurance industry or those whose work involves matters related to insurance. It explains risk management and what insurance actually is before providing a detailed analysis of key topics that gives the learner some essential fluency in the issues that recur over and over again in cases about insurance, or cases where one of the parties’ insurance becomes an issue. The course reviews different classes of insurance and their policies, common clauses and definitions, insurance regulation and ethical issues in the insurance industry.

Learning Objectives

  • Provide a working understanding of what insurance is, why it exists, and the type of legal issues that arise
  • Offer an understanding of different types of insurance policies and different variations of coverage (i.e. occurrence based, claims made)
  • Impart specialized knowledge of law and practice relating to Insurance

Price: $375

This Course includes:

   Text-based content

   6 Weeks